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Amanda Aldridge Dip Hyp 
The Pavillion  
64a High Street  
Old Harlow CM17 0DR 
"Amanda’s therapy sessions have made a significant impact on my outlook and mind-set of the issues I was aiming to address when I first sought assistance. Within the first few sessions there was an immediate change in my perception and self-awareness, which greatly helped in dealing with my challenges. Amanda was very clear, focused and dedicated to help with my self-improvement goals with a calm and genuinely caring approach. I would highly recommend her therapy services for any challenge you may be facing in life." 
"Amanda is sympathetic, understanding, non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable from the first minute. 
Every element felt completely confidential." 
"Amanda provided a warm and comfortable space for our sessions. It felt a relief and pleasure to be there. Our sessions were recorded which I found extremely useful to play when I was feeling low or stressed." 
"Thank you so much Amanda. I really appreciate to meet such an amazing, warm and understanding person. I looked forward to our sessions because even chatting with you made me feel calmer. I feel much better now and I’m really happy that I have met you". 
From the beginning, Amanda put me at ease about the process. At no point was I made to feel judged or foolish. Amanda was able to draw from me lots of background information in a non-threatening way. At every stage of the therapy, Amanda explained to me what she was doing and it’s purpose. I appreciated the opportunity to be able to record the sessions, to reinforce Amanda’s work at home in my own time, which I feel impacted the overall effectiveness of the therapy. 
I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my hypnotherapy course. Amanda went out of her way to be welcoming. Her open and friendly nature puts you at ease from the first moment you meet. Amanda has equipped me with the tools to be able to regulate my emotions when flying. I have recently taken 2 flights where I remained calm throughout, using my Anchor. My family and friends were astounded with the results. I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda and her work to family and friends. 
I found you to be so warm and understanding, you always listened to me and appeared to understand my anxieties. After our sessions I always felt positive and ready to make the changes using the techniques to help me move forward which you gave me during our sessions. I never felt embarrassed by my anxieties and you always reassured me.  
I found using Hypnotherapy, Counselling and NLP really helped me to change the way I approached stressful situations and in turn this helped me to combat my anxieties. 
Liz - Harlow 
Thank you so much for helping me to combat my fear of dogs - this is a fear I have had since childhood but had not made the connection until I came to see you. I am now free from fear and my life has become so much more easier when I visit family and friends who have dogs or even when walking in the street when a dog approaches me, I feel so confident now.  
Many thanks and I would highly recommend you. I found you easy to talk to, you were always warm and friendly but very professional too. I looked forward to our sessions. 
Sharon - Harlow 
It’s been a really interesting experience working with you Amanda and I’ve really enjoyed our sessions. It helped that we talked through a lot of my issues as well as focusing on the hypnotherapy. It gave me a lot to think about. 
It is difficult to say which part of my treatment has helped the most in terms of making me feel better, however I certainly feel that they hypnotherapy played an important part. I feel so much better now and I’m glad that I found you! 
Lucy- Harlow 
After failing my driving test 5 times due to lack of confidence and anxiety I decided to book some sessions with Amanda through a recommendation. I had 4 sessions and passed with flying colours. I am now a confident driver and no longer feel anxious. 
Ms LW - Harlow 
Having embarked on a new career in sales I knew that my lack of confidence was holding me back in closing the deals. I had a few sessions of hypnotherapy with Amanda to boost my confidence. I now have the confidence to close deals and have achieved Salesman of the Month several times and continue to reach my targets.  
Mr TW - Harlow 
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